Troll Face Clicker Quest Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 / Android iOS

  • Xuất bản 11 thg 7, 2018
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    After a mind-blowing 80+ million installs across the entire Troll Face Quest franchise, here comes another insane show stopper: Troll Face Clicker Quest ! This is far from your average idle-clicking game. Generate boatloads of clicks or hire your own helper memes to do the heavy lifting for you and pull funny pranks on your friends! Your objective here is one: prank the living bejesus out of your buddies and laugh as they cringe in despair! TAP ON THESE CRAZY FEATURES: - Collect clicks to pull awesome pranks! - Hire help to gather clicks automatically! - Fool your friends on social media! - Use rage to become an unstoppable prankster! - Create funny pranks and raise a trolling empire! - Get filthy rich as you rise to the top of the pranking world! A NOT SO IDLE, IDLE-CLICKING GAME Think again if you thought this was going to be just another one of those laid-back clicking games. Invent devious jokes and unleash them on your buddies. Use your meme cronies to collect your clicks. Then kick your feet up and laugh at your friends’ misery. Generate coins and enhance your pranks to a whole other level of crazy! UNLEASH YOUR INNER PRANKSTER Look no further if you dream of becoming the world’s greatest prankster! This game will have you crafting the funniest pranks and testing them out on your victims of choice! Both friends and foes! Showcase your hysterical tricks now! Are you cunning enough to be crowned the next King or Queen of Troll Face Clicker Quest ? --Hello ! If You Like please leave a like and sub! :) Thanks!



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